We are working with Vietnam Local & Central Government Authorities and Vietnam Real Estate Association (VnREA), Vietnam Tourism Property Association (VnTPA) for waste water treatment & clean water supply projects all over Vietnam

About us

SAOKHUE WATER is a Business Unit of SAOKHUE Investment & Trade Promotion Corporation - an Urban & Real Estate Developer in Vietnam. Founders & Directors of SAOKHUE are also founders and directors of Vietnam Real Estate Association (VnREA), Vietnam Tourism Property Association (VnTPA) and also ex-govt.-leaders. We have been participating in many urban development projects in Vietnam and have found that  sustainable development is a MUST to keep the environment clean & balanced. In 2004, we developed a large resort project on Phu Quoc Island - a biggest and most beautiful island in Vietnam, and we encountered the challenge of cleaning the waste water. If we let the waste water go to the rivers, lakes, the sea then it will destroy all the natural tourism resources & no-one will want to come to our island and our resorts. Then we began to care about environment and water. We decided that the waste water treatment plant is the key facility in our resort project. 

The very 1st urban waste water treatment and clean water supply project we participated in 2009 is PhuQuoc Waste Water Treatment System (pipe network systems, pump systems, waste water treatment plant) and PhuQuoc Island Clean Water Supply System (water reservoir, pipe network systems, pump systems, water plant). We were working with Japanese Partners and Kien Giang Poeple's Committee, PhuQuoc People's Committee and JICA for those projects. 

Since the 1st project, we have made a research and have been shocked with the facts we have found: Vietnam population is around 90 millions and the country has 63 provinces with over 800 towns and cities but there are only 40 waste water treatment plants which can do only 10% of the total daily waste water volume. It means 90% waste water go directly to the nature (lakes, rivers, canals, sea). Every day, Ho Chi Minh City produces more than 2,000,000 m3 of waste water but only 13% is being treated. Hanoi City is almost the same situation. Many other cities and towns even don't have waste water treatment plant. Many waste water treatment and clean water systems in Vietnam are using old and bad technologies and equipments that why so many many Vietnamese people still have to use dirty water. 

After this research, we told ourselves we will help this country to clean the water, clean the environment for our children and grant children. We start utilizing our strong relationship with the Govt., our development skills, experiences to convince the local and central govt. leaders about this problem and find the best solutions / equipments and the suitable local & international partners to solve the water problem.

We have recently succeeded in obtaining the approvals from Ho Chi Minh City Poeple's Committee and Hanoi City Poeple's Committee for cleaning the rivers and lakes in those 02 biggest cities in Vietnam. We are now working on those projects and we are also in discussions with other cities in Vietnam for water projects there.

Should you want to work with us

We know that environment protection and water cleaning is a big mission and our capability is limited. We are always looking for partners and associates with heart and care of environment protection and water resources. You are engineer, supplier, contractor, developer, financier, scientist, economist, manager and you want to participate in our water projects, please contact us for discussions of collaboration: vu.than@saokhuegroup.net 


Kenh Te River Cleaning Project, HCMC, Vietnam

Hanoi Lake Cleaning Project, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Ben Nghe River Cleaning Project, HCMC, Vietnam

Ben Bach Dang, Saigon River Cleaning Project, HCMC, Vietnam

Giang Vo Lake Cleaning Project, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Tau Hu - Ben Nghe River Cleaning Project, HCMC, Vietnam


We have strong supports from top vietnamese govt. leaders for our efforts for environmental protection in Vietnam.


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